This is Bruschi. Bruschi is a 10 year old female bull terrier, Akita, German shepherd, Rottweiler mix. She was adopted by her mom 10 years ago when her litter was left in a bag by the Connecticut River. Bruschi's mom was told that she has a mammary tumor. Her treatment plan was expensive but that didn't matter. Bruschi's mom was going to do everything and anything she could to save her furbaby. She reached out to us for help and we were thrilled to assist in saving Bruschi's life. She is now on the road to recovery and her family couldn't be happier

Bones was a beautiful chocolate lab that we took custody of when he was in medical distress at Boston Road Animal Hospital.  We placed him in a loving foster home for a couple of months while we searched for the perfect forever home for him.  Finally, we did!  Last week Bones was placed with George and Lisa.  Here is a photo that was sent to us this morning.  "Boden" is his new name!  This is his mom, Lisa and him, on a hike on Mt. Toby.  We are so happy they welcomed him into their family!  Congratulations Boden!

Happy's mother reached out to us when she found out he had bladder stones. Happy was in a lot of pain and needed a costly surgery. We were "happy" to assist and we are thrilled to report Happy is recovering well at home with his mom, Kat.  

Lives That We Have Impacted

The Batchelor family reached out to us to assist with the medical expenses for their cat, Frankenstein and his bladder issues.  After an attempt was made to fix his bladder issues the efforts were unsuccessful.  As heartbreaking as it was the Batchelors knew they didn't want Frankenstein to suffer.  He spent his last day at home with his family where he was his happiest.  

We received this message from his mommy:  
"Thank you again for your help with his case, we wouldn't have been settled in our minds with the decision if we weren't able to give the procedure a chance with your help. He was a great kitty, and friend.  - the Batchelors"