This sweet girl is Greta. Greta found her way to a local vet after another dog played a little too rough with her. Unfortunately her owners decided they didn't want her anymore and left her at the vet. 

The vet's office reached out to us for assistance and we were happy to assist with funds for the necessary removal of her eye.  She was adopted by a member of the veterinarian staff and is living a lovely life.

Meet Tickles. This poor baby girl came into the emergency vet a few nights ago after not eating and vomiting for over a week. The owner was not capable of taking care of her, so we stepped in and took custody of her (along with the amazing veterinarians and staff). Everyone fell in love with her right away. Even though we knew it would be a long (and expensive) healing process, we just knew that Tickles deserved a chance at a happy life. 

After bloodwork and diagnostics, it turns out that Tickles had something stuck in her intestines. She was taken to surgery, and it turns out she had swallowed a sock. She is recovering slowly but surely. In addition, she is super thin, has double ear infections and terrible allergies. Things are in the early stages and she will definitely have a long road ahead of her but where she is now she is safe, warm and loved. That is what is important.

Lives We Have Impacted 

This is Shura. Shura got into some trouble when he ate over a pound of chocolate. Fortunately, the person who was watching him for his mom brought him to get emergency medical attention. After a long couple days of testing and treating he got to go home and is on the road to a full recovery. Open Arms Rescue, Inc was thrilled to be able to help his mom pay for his life saving treatment. 

Meet Diesel. This poor boy accidentally got out of his home on a busy street and was hit by a car. He has a broken leg and some serious road rash. 

His mom Lumarie wanted nothing more than to take away his pain but as we all know emergency care is expensive. By complete chance one of our board members saw her post on FaceBook asking for help with his care. She reached out to Lumarie and connected her to our website. After working through a few details we are happy to report we are helping Lumarie and Diesel and he should be on his way to a full recovery soon. 

Apollo is a 6 month Great Dane pup who ingested a BBQ skewer.  He was surrendered and went into emergency surgery.  Apollo is currently on the mend and just got neutered.  He has found his forever home and continues to thrive everyday.  Thanks to your donations we were able to save his life and place him with a new family!